Terms and Conditions

The Services provided by The GoodWood to the client are based on the following terms and conditions:

  1. The GoodWood quote for materials and services is based on what the client requires and their chosen style. If the client wants to make any changes to the design or materials, the estimate that was given earlier will change.
  2. The estimate quoted Excludes all taxes. Taxes will be calculated based on the tax rules prevailing at the time of giving estimates.
  3. All cheques / DDs or Online transfers are to be drawn in favor of “The GoodWood” .
  4. The GoodWood shall initiate work on Site only once the quote shared by The GoodWood is confirmed by the Client and the final order is placed by paying 50% of the final order value to The The GoodWood account.
  5. The GoodWood is not liable for any non-manufacturing defects and damages post-delivery and they shall not be valid for any returns, replacements or repairs.
  6. Any Services for customised products and made-to-order furniture pieces are not applicable for returns, or exchange. Any additional costs incurred as a result of modifications to designs, specifications, or materials made after the materials have been purchased or while the product is being produced must be paid by the client.
  7. Orders placed once for any product or services are not eligible for cancellation and the Client shall bear full cost of the same.


  1. In the event of any snags and repairs, The GoodWood Warranty will only be valid only once you possess a digital or physical proof of complete payment, and you have signed the handover document at the time of installation.
  2. The Client must report a warranty claim with The GoodWood team within three (3) days from discovering that the Product(s) have been damaged or have a flaw. If a company-authorized agent checks the Product and finds it to be defective, the broken part will be replaced for free and/or according to the terms of the claim.
  3. The Client will be eligible to claim a warranty only if following conditions are fulfilled:
    • The Client must have a warranty card or a valid proof of purchase (invoice or work order). The warranty has not expired.
    • The product that was delivered and installed is cared for, handled, and kept up according to the care directions. It is also used for its intended purpose and under regular domestic use.
    • The Product is in the place and position where it was originally installed by The The GoodWood.
  4. At the time of the claim, the repair(s) and/or replacement(s) will depend on what styles and construction options are available for the product in the market. If a claim is made after a Product has become obsolete or has been taken off the market, the damaged part will be replaced with a similar-looking part that is available at the time the claim is made. Based on the report of The The GoodWood representative, The GoodWood will be the only one to decide whether to fix or replace any part of the Product or the whole thing. If a Product is fixed without The GoodWood permission, the guarantee is automatically voided.

This Warranty covers the following types of service work:

Woodwork to order:

  • The warranty covers upholstered furniture, solid wood furniture, coffee tables, beds, headboards, dining tables and chairs, accent chairs, metal furniture, and outdoor furniture, among other things.
  • Differences in grain, colour, mineral streaks, and knots are all normal parts of wood that are not considered defects.
  • The new laminates/finishes (if required); will be given as long as the laminates/finishes are available on the market (finish details are needed).
  • The GoodWood shall provide a Warranty on HDHMR for 3 years, Laminate Merino/Greenland for 10 years only for manufacturing defects which is the same as provided by the manufacturer of laminate. This warranty shall not include any scratches/chips off after the handover.
  • The GoodWood shall provide 10 years of Warranty on hardware of “Hettich”
  • Any claim made under this Warranty must be made within three (3) days of the customer finding a defect, damage, or failure that gives rise to a claim during the warranty period.
  • Only the following problems will be covered by the warranty.
    1. – Bulging of core material.
    2. – The finish on the top is getting bubbles.
    3. – Surface peel off.
    4. – Polish is getting patches.
    5. – Malfunctioning of hardware.
    6. – Any other problems with the manufacturing, subject to approval by The GoodWood
  • The warranty doesn’t cover the following:
    1. Normal wear and tear, softening or flattening of cushions and foam, colour fading from sunlight, damage caused by rough handling, abuse, carelessness, alterations, use of abrasives, corrosive materials, cleaning agents, or improper use and maintenance;
    2. Any cabinets or parts that have been changed, modified, damaged in an accident, used in a way they weren’t meant to be used, kept in water or high humidity, or cleaned with hard or abrasive chemicals;
    3. Used for things that it wasn’t made or planned for by The GoodWood;
    4. – Does not cover cosmetic damage, such as cuts or scratches, dents, damage caused by accidents or impacts, waterborne debris, or damage caused by not following care guidelines;
    5. It doesn’t cover any problems with the product that happen because an unauthorised individual worked at it, fixed it, changed it, or took it apart;
    6. Doesn’t cover damage caused by work done in the kitchen area after the kitchen installation was finished;
    7. Damage caused or rendered more serious by taking the cabinets down after they were initially installed;
    8. Wood will continue to expand and contract as the seasons change, so small cracks at the joints of doors and movement of wood panels are normal for wood cabinets and are not covered by a warranty. There is no warranty coverage for doors that warp, crack, or shrink because the humidity levels are wrong (the relative humidity should stay between 40% and 50% all year).The colour and look of natural woods will change. Products that were bought without a finish are not covered by the warranty. Over time, sunlight, home cleaners, smoke, and other things in the environment can change the colour of wood. There is no warranty for these colour differences. Because of these changes, new or replacement parts might not match the original cabinets;
    9. Damage caused or made more serious by things outside of The GoodWood’s control, such as acts of God, fire, explosion, contact with corrosive materials, extreme weather, flood, vandalism, soiling, misuse, abrasion, improper storage after delivery, rot and/or infestation after delivery, leaks, or similar things;
    10. Damage caused by water leaking from taps or spilling out because of Client’s negligence;
    11. Damage done by bugs like termites, ants, wood borers, and rats, among others;
    12. Damage caused by animals in the home or by children.
  • The GoodWood will decide the labour rate, and it will be based on the current market rate. The Client will not argue with that rate at any time. A per-square-foot rate or a daily wage rate can be used to figure out the labour rate.

Paint Work:

  • The GoodWood will not be responsible for making sure that colours and textures match exactly what is already there. The GoodWood also can’t promise that the finish paint samples you chose will match the finish covering exactly.
  • Any claim made under this Warranty must be made within three (3) days of the customer finding a defect, damage, or failure that gives rise to a claim during the warranty period.
  • There will be no warranty for the damage to the painted surface caused by fire, excessive heat, corrosive agents, abrasive materials used by the Client, including, but not limited to, repair or fitting work done by the Client after handover.
  • The warranty will be valid if:
    1. The overall paint surface area exceeds 500 Sq. ft subject to satisfactory inspection by the representative of the The GoodWood;
    2. The replacement paint will be given as long as the manufacturer has not stopped making the specific paint code;
    3. Failure of the paint shall mean any of the following:
      • Paint flaking and peeling, which can happen when one coat of paint comes off of another or when the paint film comes off of the base.
      • The colour getting lighter.
      • The growth of mould and algae on the walls (spread over at least 10 square feet);
    4. The Client has used every part of the paint method suggested by The The GoodWood, i.e. primer, two coats of putty, and two to three coats of paint on all surfaces;
  • The warranty shall not be applicable if:
    1. Water leaks from plants, air conditioners, or other nearby sources like plant pots.
    2. Water seeps in because capillary rise from the ground level, water leaks, water seeps, and the surface is always damp.
    3. Any peeling paint that is caused by moisture getting in.
    4. Cracks show up because of earthquakes or moving of the ground.
    5. Water or moisture collects of any horizontal surface or any surface that is the result of a structural design. This includes, but is not limited to decks, railings, stairs and porches.
    6. Defects caused by surface contamination and structural failures or defects.
  • This Warranty does not cover:
    1. Fixing the straight surfaces or any other surfaces that let water collect because of how they are made. Decks, railings, stairs, steps, roofs, and wood gutters are all examples of surfaces. Exact paint match, because the colour and finish of all paints will change over time due to the surroundings.
    2. Bleeding caused by knots, rust or cedar.
    3. Varnished surfaces
    4. Cracks in drywall, plaster, or wood
    5. Peeling, blistering or chipping where they are caused by ordinary wear and tear; or Abnormal use or misuse;
    6. Peeling of layers of paint existing prior to the work performed by The The GoodWood representatives;
    7. Peeling, chipping etc. caused due to structural defects, or moisture content of the substrate, or abrasion, mechanical damage, abuse, or damage resulting from exposure to harmful solids, liquids or gases.
  • The Warranty will not cover problems caused by things beyond the control of The GoodWood’s power, such as, but not limited to:
    1. Failure of paint due to structural problems, moss and other plant growth, a lot of bird droppings and spit, damage to paint from ants and insects, and stains from plant pots;
    2. Disasters like earthquakes, flooding, and other “acts of God”;
    3. Failure or defects in the structure or previous coating;
    4. Vandalism;
    5. Abuse or negligence by the Client;
    6. The surface is dirty and not dry;
    7. Normal wear and tear;

Gypsum/POP false ceiling:

If representative of The GoodWood inspects the work and finds any defect, the defect will be fixed according to the claim terms below:

  1. The warranty policy shall apply where:
    • The total surface area of the false ceiling is more than 150 sq ft, subject to satisfactory inspection of the surface by representative of The GoodWood.
    • The GoodWood will fix the damaged part of the false ceiling and pay for the work needed to repaint it, if that is necessary. The repaint etc. will be done on the damaged part only.
  2. Any of the following events will be considered a false ceiling failure:
    • Integrity of the board, flaking or peeling of the joint compound, or separation from the substrate.
    • Cracks on the surface.
    • Algae and fungus growth on ceiling surfaces (covering at least 5 square feet)
  3. The Client has used the whole false ceiling system that The GoodWood designed and installed. The false ceiling should have been constructed with The GoodWood-approved brands, and all the materials should have come from the same producer. The warranty will be void if the Client combine it with products from other brands.
  4. The following circumstances render the warranty coverage invalid:
    • Dripping water from plants, air conditioners, or any other sources of water leaks or dampness that are close by.
    • Water gets in because capillary rise from the ground level, water leaks, water seeps in, and the surface is always wet.
    • Physical damage to the surface with an external force or entity.
    • Defects arising due to failure or defects in the structure to which ceiling is anchored.
  5. Only standard-quality Gypsum ceilings will be covered by the warranty for a period of 6 months.


If representative of The GoodWood inspects the product/work done and finds a defect, that defect will be fixed according to the claim terms below:

  1. The warranty policy will be in effect when:
    • The total value of the electrical work done is more than INR 50,000, as long as The GoodWood representative checks that the voltage hasn’t change and there are no problems with the power source.
    • The GoodWood will replace the part, as long as the manufacturer hasn’t stopped making it, and pay for any work that needs to be done to fix the electrical problem.
    • “Electrical failure” shall mean electrical short circuit/ tripping; or Loose contacts in the plugs/ switches.
    • The client has used all of the electrical wiring that The GoodWood suggested and put in, as long as appropriate tools and appliances were used in the usage ports or points.
  2. The warranty will not cover problems caused by things beyond control of The GoodWood, such as, but not limited to:
    • Improper power input to the mains.
    • Water gets in because capillary rise from the ground level, water leaks, water seeps through, and the surface is always damp.
    • Electrical failures caused by physical damage to conduits, lines, switches, and plates.
    • Problems with the source of power.
    • Repairs to electrical work done by anyone other than representative/vendor of The GoodWood.
    • Using the electrical outlets and appliances in an improper way.
  3. At the time the claim is filed, the replacement cost will include the cost of electrical things like wiring, switches, conduits (if any), and the labour needed to fix the problem.


If representative of The GoodWood finds any defect when inspecting the product/work done, the defect will be fixed for no cost, according to the claim terms below:

  • The warranty policy will be in effect when:
    • The GoodWood will replace or fix plumbing problems as long as the manufacturer hasn’t stopped making the parts required for carrying on such repair work.
    • The Client has used the entire plumbing system installed by The The GoodWood.
  • Failure of the plumbing system is defined as any of the following:
    • Leakage in plumbing or sanitary pipes;
    • Manufacturing defect in sanitary and plumbing pipes;
    • Plumbing fittings such as taps, faucets, nozzles, water closets, showers, angle valves, etc. are not covered by plumbing failure.
  • The warranty policy does not cover defects caused by things beyond the powers of The GoodWood’s, such as, but not limited to:
    • Bad water quality on the property;
    • Water sneaks in because capillary rise from the ground level, water leaks, water seeps through, and the surface is always damp;
    • Issues with plumbing caused by physical damage or bad maintenance or mishandling;
    • Plumbing work has been repaired by anyone other than representative or vendor of The GoodWood;
  • At the time the claim is filed, the replacement cost only includes the cost of plumbing pipes or accessories and the work required to resolve the problem.


The Client shall compensate The GoodWood for the services rendered based on the following terms:

Payment Method: All the payments shall be made either through bank transfer or cheque in the name of The GoodWood.

Payment Structure: Quotation will be shared by The GoodWood upon finalisation of scope of work, or upon changes from time to time.

Payment Schedule: The Client shall make payment to The GoodWood as per following:



Before Order Confirmation

10% of the total value

Before Starting the work

40% of the total value

During Execution, on completing 50% work

25% of the total value

During Execution, on completing 75% work

25% of the total value

Client’s Responsibilities:

The Client acknowledges the following responsibilities:

  1. Provide accurate and timely information regarding their preferences, requirements, and budget.
  2. Grant The GoodWood access to the property for measurements, inspections, and installations.
  3. Review and approve design concepts, materials, and other relevant decisions promptly. The Client acknowledges that The GoodWood shall not be responsible for any delay in handover of the site if there is delay in making decisions on part of the Client.
  4. Pay for any additional expenses incurred due to changes requested by the Client.


  1. The GoodWood will take approximately 8-10 weeks of time for 2BHK Interior execution and 10-12 weeks of time for 3BHK Interior execution of Interior designing services involving modular kitchen wardrobes and toilets . Additional time will be required if the work involves more units / customization has been ordered by the client and such extension of time shall be mutually agreed upon .
  2. The exact timelines will be communicated to the Client after the entire process of design finalization and before the start of work.
  3. Timelines for completion of works by The GoodWood shall be based on the following terms:
    • Prompt payment from the Client as per mutual commitment.
    • Level of designing and extent of interior works.


Either Party may terminate this Agreement upon written notice in the event of a material breach by the other Party. In the event of termination, the Client shall compensate The GoodWood for the services rendered up to the date of termination.